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Polish American Pharmacists Association


A warm welcome to the Polish American Pharmacists Association (PAPA) website.


The PAPA is a highly respected, active, and visible pharmacy organization. We have had a presence in Illinois Pharmacy since 1936.


We promote an association of friendship and shared professional interests.  Small organizations such as ours are the strength of pharmacy in Illinois. We encourage you to become active in our organization so that both the PAPA and you may grow in knowledge and stature. We continue to broaden our horizons, and are slowly expanding to serve more than just the Illinois community.


To qualify for membership with the PAPA you must be a:

  1. Pharmacist

  2. Pharmacy Student

  3. Technician

  4. Allied Health Professional

The objectives of the PAPA are to:

  1. Promote pharmacy as a profession.

  2. Promote good fellowship and social activities among pharmacists.

  3. Cultivate and retain the public's respect for the pharmacist through favorable publicity and elevation of professional standards.

  4. Promote collaboration between pharmacists and allied health professionals.

  5. Promote participation of pharmacy students in professional organizations.

  6. Provide an annual award for deserving pharmacy students.

  7.  Promote knowledge and awareness of Polish and American traditions.

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